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It's white and it's a beauty: Our test will determine whether the LF is a success.

Subnotebooks bridge the gap between netbooks and notebooks. While their performance is more than enough for surfing the web, their slightly larger screens also provide a higher resolution.

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This concept has so far been popular mainly in the business sector, as it allows for mobile work without too much added weight. Today, however, subnotebooks are Toshiba Satellite L830 longer just appealing to business travelers. With their often high battery life, their small form factor and most im portantly low weight, they also find use as multimedia devices. Compared to the previous generation, the subnotebook has seen several modifications. Apart from the most obvious change in design, a lot has been going on beneath the surface: With 4 instead Toshiba Satellite L830 2 GB RAM, Toshiba aims to increase general applications performance, in a device that's also managed to shed g 0.

Satellite LD - Toshiba

The palm rest as well as the lid are also finished in a carbon fiber pattern. The display frame and large parts of Toshiba Satellite L830 upper side of the body reflect the light, thanks to their white piano lacquer coating, which is also found on the keyboard bed.

Only the frame of the trackpad glistens in a silver metallic color. All status LEDs have been placed at the front right part of the laptop.

Satellite LW - Toshiba

Still, this fits nicely with the overall look of the laptop. Unfortunately, the Satellite does not completely satisfy on either count. While the right palm rest cannot be buckled, the left-hand side gave way slightly under normal force levels. The same can be observed in the middle of the keyboard, where the keyboard bed gives way considerably. The display lid, too, isn't built that sturdily and is prone to flexing. The display hinges, on the other hand, are faultless. They do their job well in keeping the lid stable and showed no sign of vibrations or other undesired movements. While the keyboard is nicely framed by the surrounding plastics, Toshiba Satellite L830 upper and lower sides of the display lid are very slightly misaligned in the lower left and lower right sections.


However, let's not be nitpicking; if you don't go out searching for faults explicitly, chances are you would not notice this even after years of use. Apart from these minor Toshiba Satellite L830, all corners are nicely rounded. We will get back to user serviceability further down in this review.

Like almost all laptops which include an optical drive, the DVD burner takes most of the available space on the left side. The power socket completes the left-hand side. Toshiba decided to opt for separate microphone and headphone sockets, instead of a combo solution. There is an additional USB 3. While this did not work initially - despite the corresponding option enabled in the BIOS - it suddenly sprang to life after several days, Toshiba Satellite L830 worked as expected. Finally, there is a Kensington port, which can be used to secure the subnotebook against theft. Thanks Toshiba Satellite L830 the small footprint of the notebook, however, almost any table should provide enough space to place a mouse sufficiently far away from it. Left-handers are less restricted, although the power cord might get in their way.

Connectors on the back side would have avoided any issues for both left-handed and right-handed users, although this would have required a different solution for the display hinges. The LF revealed wireless networks previously unbeknownst to Toshiba Satellite L830.


Steam download rates during our gaming benchmarks Toshiba Satellite L830 almost identical. Apart from the subnotebook itself, whose glossy surfaces are protected in a fabric sleeve, it includes a quick start guide and a printed manual. Of course, a power adapter and cord are also provided. Service Access to RAM and the 2.

Review Toshiba Satellite L830-10F Notebook

RAM upgrades are made easy, because only one of Toshiba Satellite L830 two slots contains a 4 GB module, leaving the other slot free. A replacement of the 2. Warranty Toshiba offers a 24 month "bring-in" warranty as standard, which can be upgraded for a fee, up to a maximum of 4 years. Satellite LW. Windows 8 bit (pre-installed). 3rd generation Intel® Core™ iU Processor; cm ("), Toshiba TruBrite® HD High Brightness.


2nd generation Intel® Core™ iM processor; cm ("), Toshiba TruBrite® HD High Brightness display with 9 aspect ratio and LED backlighting.

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