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Pioneer BDP-09FD

The presentation of the Oppo was more forward as well, putting the vocals in front in the speakers, where the Pioneer seemed to pull them back behind the speakers a bit and stay more relaxed. With Pure Audio disabled, I was able to easily tell the players apart and felt that the soundstage of the Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray Disc Player shrunk, and the instruments and vocals sounded like they were hiding behind a curtain, losing a good bit of detail.

I did have one big fault with the Pure Audio setting, however. Unfortunately, Pure Audio does not have a setting where you can have it be automatically enabled for CD playback and then disabled for BluRay or DVD playback, and to disable it you need to stop the disc and physically press a button on the player as there is no button on the remote.

A couple of times I would go start a movie, forgetting that I had listened to a CD the day before, and be treated to a black screen as Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray Disc Player disc loaded, since Pure Audio was disabling the video output of the player. I would have to wait a couple of minutes for the BluRay disc to get to the main menu, then stop it, walk up to the player, switch off Pure Audio, then start the disc up again and wait a couple more minutes for it to load once again. If Pioneer could add a menu setting for this based on media type, or at least a way to disable it from the remote, that would be nice.

Looking at test patterns I would see that it could pass BTB and WTW signals allowing for an easy calibration to make sure I was getting the most out of it. Unfortunately, Blu-ray discs were still a bit slower to load compared to my PlayStation3 console. With a recent Firmware update, the Pioneer has added support for DTS-MA decoding inside the player, so now all of the audio formats can be decoded and sent over the 7.


Sound quality from movies was nothing short of spectacular. Band of Brothers continued to draw me in, and the sound of the bullets flying everywhere in the battle scenes was fantastic. A few years ago I had grown tired of Dave Matthews, but that disc on a good player sounds so fantastic that I can keep going back to Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray Disc Player over and over now, and the Pioneer brought out all of the detail in it.

BDPFD - Elite® Reference Blu-ray Disc® Player Pioneer Electronics USA

The Pioneer also did a good job of standard DVD playback. I would never mistake the upconverted picture for a true Blu-ray disc, but it did as good a job as any player that I have seen and that is what I am looking for. Discs that I had tested connected quickly Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray Disc Player worked great, supporting all of the extra online features that discs now offer, except for the one Disney title that I was able to test WALL-E. Unfortunately, one feature that I was unable to test was the bit-depth conversion that the Pioneer can perform internally.


The Pioneer converts everything to 16 bits internally, and does all of the processing at 16 bits, only going back to 8 bits at the very end of the output stage. This allows for smoother gradients, and could allow for a better looking upconversion for DVD sources. Unfortunately, to output this extra detail you would need an HDMI 1. Measurements with the Tektronix Oscilloscope were taken from the component analog video outputs measured at i resolution. This player has all the bells and whistles Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray Disc Player home theater buff could hope for, from dual HDMI outputs to 7. You read that last part correctly, almost 32 pounds! The exterior housing is finished in a glass black — very high-tech — while the alphanumeric display uses orange-yellow LEDs.

Directly below Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray Disc Player display and separated by a blue power-on LED is the disc drawer. The rear panel is loaded with connectors. In addition to a standard HDMI 1. Pioneer has also provided eight discrete RCA jacks for multi-channel analog audio output directly to your 5. As for the other cable, take a guess. How about a six-foot HDMI cable? A three-foot HDMI cable?

Pioneer Elite BDPFD Blu-ray Disc player Sound & Vision

And an Anamorphic Zoom mode can vertically stretch widescreen images to be later unstretched by an anamorphic-lens attachment Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray Disc Player using a front-projection setup with a 2. Weighing in at nearly 32 pounds and standing nearly 6 inches tall, the BDP has the heft and size of a serious piece of gear.

BDPFD. Elite® Reference Blu-ray Disc® Player.

Pioneer BDP-09FD Elite Blu-ray Player – Benchmark

8 Separate Wolfson audio DACS for each analog output; PQLS Jitter-free audio transmission; Original. The Parental Control feature of this Pioneer Blu-Ray player enables you to lock certain programs that are unsuitable for children. You can conveniently play CD.

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