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Finally, on-chip phase-detect and full-time movie AF come to Pentax!

K-7 : Digital SLR Cameras RICOH IMAGING

Perhaps the most exciting of these is a new hybrid autofocus system that, for the first time in a Pentax camera, Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera contrast-detection autofocus with on-sensor phase detection pixels. Although it can be a bit prone to hunting, this change still makes for better and faster autofocus in live view. It also means that for the first time in a Pentax DSLR, the K will offer full-time continuous autofocus during movie capture -- and that's potentially a big deal in a camera aimed at consumer use.

However, it's not as big a deal as it could have been, as we found the K's movie AF, too, was too-easily confused and Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera prone to hunting. Refined Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera for movies, too, but no true 4K capture yet Speaking of movies, there's another intriguing note in the launch of the Pentax K Ricoh tells us that there's a new aperture-control function which, it says, will "automatically assure a proper exposure level even in fluctuating lighting conditions during movie recording". Sadly, this lens was not available to us during our review of the K, and so we've been unable to test it.


Press materials for the lens itself suggest that aperture control noise is minimal and shouldn't be picked up too much by the K's onboard stereo microphone. Hopefully the updated mechanism also allows for more gradual aperture changes to reduce the impact on the recorded video.

Sadly -- but not surprisingly -- there's no native 4K video capture in the Pentax K, though. Instead, regular video Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera out at p30 or i60 max. Your only option for native 4K video with the K is to shoot a time-lapse video, something Pentax DSLRs have offered for a few years now.

Ricoh-Pentax K-7

Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera Pentax K also sports all the sensor-shift goodness we've come to expect Ricoh has not surprisingly retained its in-body Shake Reduction system for the Pentax K, and along with it the raft of clever alternate uses for the system that we've seen in past models. The system is said to have a 4.

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As well as helping to fight blur from camera shake, the system is also used to Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera for the aforementioned AA Filter Simulation function, and to correct for tilted horizons automatically. It's also used for the detail-boosting, multi-shot Pixel Shift Resolution function which debuted in the Pentax K-3 II, but with the inclusion of the Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera correction function which was added in the K But it's not just on the outside that things have changed: The implications of some of these changes are almost as significant as their obvious effects - as well as allowing faster frame rates and video, the reworked, four-channel sensor promises to generate less noise than the version used in the K20D.

There are also lots of more subtle additions that show just how fundamental a change this camera is from its predecessor. New dedicated ISO button Distortion and chromatic aberration correction for DA and DFA lenses also available in RAW conversion using supplied software Adjustable dynamic range highlight and shadow correction Three-shot in-camera HDR capture Composition adjustment Uses the SR system to reposition the sensor to fine-tune composition Weather sealed lenses To allow the K-7 to make the most of its weather sealing, while still allowing it to be sold as part of relatively inexpensive kits, two weather-resistant kit lenses have also been introduced.

The button layout is fantastic - I rarely need to access the menu at all. I was worried whether the 15MP would be enough, and I haven't felt a lack of resolution in any photo.

The autofocus with a decent lens - more on that later is fast enough for me I don't shoot any sports or fast moving wildlife. The noise is generally manageable, and actually produces a pleasing, film-like grain, Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera is not too much of a concern. There are, however, several things I feel are lacking in this camera apart from modern tech like built-in GPS. I hate Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera photography so for parties and night shooting, I hit the max ISO on the camera pretty fast, and usually need to stay below ISO to produce a useable photo. Of course, there are ways to maximise the K7's abiltiy more on that laterand I understand its performance, given the age of the sensor.

Probably the biggest issue with the camera is its back focusing. I've made use of the AF microadjustment, but am at the maximum compensation and photos are still back focusing when using AF.

I might need to get the camera serviced, if I can. In creating the K-7, PENTAX has achieved a fusion of its time-proven technologies for protection against harsh environments and extreme temperatures, and its. Pentax's cameras have also catered well for this market in the So here we have the K-7, Pentax's Ricoh Pentax K-7 Camera enthusiast/semi-pro level DSLR.


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