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Windows will recognize it and install the correct drivers. If you installed the EXP USB Direct-Link and drivers with the cable attached to the computer, you EXP USB Direct-Link remove it from your computer and install it again. You should repeat this process for the other computer now. If you want to change the mode under which your cable is working, you should run the setup program for the other mode or select the mode change on the transfer program, depending on the cable model.

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This should be without your cable attached to your computer. After changing the mode, reinstall the cable and the system will recognize it automatically. If you run the setup program or changed the mode with the cable attached, simply remove the EXP USB Direct-Link from your computer and install it again to force Windows to install the correct drivers the drivers used on link mode and network mode are EXP USB Direct-Link.

You should repeat this process for the other computer. As we mentioned, the link mode is the easiest and fastest way to connect two PCs using your USB cable for transferring EXP USB Direct-Link.

After installing the cable as describe in the previous page, you should check if the cable is correctly installed on Device Manager right click EXP USB Direct-Link Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager. To transfer files, you should open the transfer program that was installed when you ran the setup file. On our cable, this program was called PClinq2.


This program must be opened on both computers. The usage of the transfer program is really simple.


On its left side, it will show your computer, and on its right side it will show the remote computer. This mode allows you to share the Internet connection, if it is available on one of the computers. After installing the cable as described before, you should check if the cable is correctly installed as a network adapter EXP USB Direct-Link Device Manager right click My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager.

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The next step is to configure both computers to use the USB cable as a network adapter. First, you have to configure the computer that has access to the Internet. There you will see the network adapters located on your computer. After you have done this configuration, you must restart your computer. Another important detail EXP USB Direct-Link the operating system used.

No Driver needed for this usb to usb link cable

Today, all Windows and Linux operating systems fully support USB ports, however older operating systems are EXP USB Direct-Link completely compatible. The table below shows which operating systems provide full support for USB ports, regardless of their specification version: This might seem confusing to some, but it was designed to avoid confusion between consumers because it would be more complicated for most people to try and figure out which end goes where. This is what the USB cable and connectors look like: For this to happen, the USB port must have at least four cables or two pairs,of which one pair is used to power the USB device e.

The diagram below shows a standard USB cable with its internal 4 wires and their function. The shielding located at the far left is used to protect the cable from electromagnetic interference: The DCC cable is not a simple cross-over cable, but contains electronic EXP USB Direct-Link that make it possible to use it to transfer data between computers. Today, Serial and Parallel Direct Cable Connections are considered obsolete methods of transferring data between computers.

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The fact is that even USB Direct. Plugable Transfer Cable Compatible With Windows 10,8, 7, Vista, XP.

The Gearmo GM-PCLINK USB data transfer cable forms a direct link between.

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