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The purple and blue columns show the results of the card at the rated and increased frequencies. The KYRO II shows its unique tile-based architecture might 3d prophet 4500 suffer the performance hit seen on more powerful cards that have more rendering pipelines and texture blocks when processing complex scenes.

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Also note performance when the card is overclocked, which increases 3d prophet 4500 more as resolutions are 3d prophet 4500. If an enhanced KYRO II could be produced - something like a Pro-version with frequencies in the MHz - MHz range, the card would boast performance higher, especially at higher resolutions, than a GeForce2 GTS, which wins today throught its 4-pipeline architecture and 8 texture blocks. Note that in this case such a slight overclocking is not enough of a performance increase for the Hercules 3D Prophet at higher resolutions, which is explained by the fill-rate of the card, which is comparatively small because of the 2 pipelines of the KYRO II.

Quaver The testing was carried out in and bit color at the maximum quality geometry detailing is High, a toddler of the texture detailing level is in 4th position. Considering that the Hercules 3D Prophet has 64 MBytes memory, thus nearly independent from the transfer rate via AGP, I have decided that it is correct to compare this card with MB competitors. In 3d prophet 4500 color the GeForce2 GTS's performance is limited by the lower video memory bandwidth, and the first place taken by this card is not very important.

Hercules' 3D Prophet graphics card - The Tech Report - Page 17

Anti-aliasing The tests were carried out in two modes: In our first review we have considered this 3d prophet 4500 in detail. Today I can show once again that the performance falls drastically with the AA enabled, which contradicts the popular idea of this effect being not resource-hungry in case of tile architecture. But for the realization of super-sampling this architecture alone is not enough, the fill-rate should be very good, what is not typical for the KYRO II.

Despite having the huge fill-rate of the GeForce2 GTS, it has another gross drawback - a low memory bandwidth. It's surprisingly good, and it comes 3d prophet 4500 the backing of Hercules, not a small name in the graphics card business.

Hercules' 3D Prophet 4500 graphics card

ST Micro wanted a presence in the graphics market, so they turned to Imagination Technologies, the company behind PowerVR technology, to make it happen. These two companies worked with Hercules to improve the Kyro's drivers and otherwise make the Kyro II product competitive. If you have any problems with the registration process or your 3d prophet 4500 login, please contact us. If you need to reset your password, click here. Having a problem logging in?

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Please visit this page to 3d prophet 4500 all LQ-related cookies. Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. High-polygon 3d prophet 4500 and programs that use the latest and greatest 3D features tend to strain the card.

Yes, it's much more efficient, but in worst-case scenarios, it just doesn't have the oomph to overcome what finesse can't. This card is an excellent budget video card, however, and a great baseline 3d prophet 4500 graphics accelerators. It'd make a GeForce2 MX break out into cold sweats. I'd like nothing better than to see the same thing happen in the OEM market, to save me from that creepy feeling I get walking by the shelves full of 1.

THE HERCULES 3D PROPHET ought not to be a shock to the graphics market. Its technology has been around since the beginnings of. Sizing it up.


Our test suite was not kind to the 3D Prophet In Quake III and Serious Sam, the held up 3d prophet 4500 well. The Kyro II chip was huffin' and puffin'.

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