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For system administrators and others planning Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

5.4 Technical Notes

For auditors and compliance officers, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. For every user, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Package Updates 1. NetworkManager is a network link manager that attempts to keep a wired or wireless network Chelsio S310E-BT Adapter PXE RIS active at all times. An information disclosure flaw was found in NetworkManager's D-Bus interface. A local attacker could leverage this flaw to discover sensitive information, such as network connection passwords and pre-shared keys.

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A local user could leverage this flaw to modify local connection settings, preventing the system's network connection from functioning properly. Users of NetworkManager should upgrade to these updated packages which Chelsio S310E-BT Adapter PXE RIS backported patches to correct these issues. These updated NetworkManager packages provide the following fixes: NetworkManager allowed users to create completely insecure ad-hoc wireless networks and indeed, the default security setting for wifi sharing was Chelsio S310E-BT Adapter PXE RIS. Because of this default setting and because NetworkManager did not warn users of the potential security risks, users could unwittingly compromise the security of their computers.

Now, NetworkManager uses "WEP Passphrase" as the default security option for creating a new wifi network, and allows administrators to disable users' ability to share wifi connections without security in place, or their ability to share wifi connections at all.

These measures make it less likely that a user could inadvertently compromise a sensitive system. Now, NetworkManager closes the context menu before requesting keyring items, and therefore avoids this situation.

When a user selected this function, NetworkManager would present an error message: Network manager now exports VPN connections correctly. BZ due to faulty logic in the code, nm-applet would choose the lowest signal strength of all APs of the same SSID in the area and display this strength in the menu to represent the signal strength for that SSID.

NetworkManager now correctly calculates wireless signal strength when multiple access points with the same SSID are present. BZ when NetworkManager fails to connect to a wifi network, it re-prompts the user for the passphrase Chelsio S310E-BT Adapter PXE RIS that network. Previously, NetworkManager did not retain the original text of the passphrase entered by the user.

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Therefore, when users selected the "Show password" option so that they could see what they had typed after a failed connection attempt, NetworkManager displayed the passphrase in hexadecimal form. NetworkManager now retains the original text of the passphrase and displays the original passphrase instead of a hexadecimal string when the user selects the "Show password" option. Previously, NetworkManager would produce an error, alerting users that the configuration settings were ignored. This error message Chelsio S310E-BT Adapter PXE RIS mislead users to think that a problem had occurred.

Now, Chelsio S310E-BT Adapter PXE RIS does not present this error message to the user, and avoids the potential confusion. This could mislead users to think that they could make VPN connections in situations when it was not possible to make these connections. BZ Users are advised to upgrade to these updated NetworkManager packages, which provide these fixes.

OpenIPMI 1. OpenIPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface provides graphical and command line tools and utilities to access platform information, thus facilitating system management and monitoring for system administrators. With this update, "ipmicmd" correctly handles the hash table and thus no longer crashes. BZ the ipmitool utility is shipped in the OpenIPMI-tools packages, and it was not possible to have other packages depend on "ipmitool" directly. Chelsio NE-CXA Server Adapter PXE RIS Driver - Driver: Chelsio NE-BT Server Adapter Teaming Driver - Fix for the cli issue Chelsio SE-SR+ Adapter PXE Option ROM Driver - Added support for. Free Chelsio TSO-CR Adapter Unified Wire Driver for Server Chelsio SE-BT Adapter ND Driver for Chelsio S310E-BT Adapter PXE RIS MB download [now] Chelsio SE-CXA Adapter PXE RIS Driver In "download".

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