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This document and related products are distributed under licenses restricting their use, copying, distribution, and reverseengineering. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission by Chelsio Communications.


This document describes the installation, use, and maintenance of the PXE boot solution designed for these adapters. The Chelsio solution is a combination of hardware and software.

There is also a utility that can be used in the installation and maintenance of the option ROM client and related components. The client is used to connect to the PXE server where the remote storage resides which contains the booting OS. In most cases this can be accomplished using PXE.


This document briefly describes this topic for both Windows and Linux. This user guide however is limited to instructions for use with Windows and Linux.

Chelsio Communications Parts Numbers List – AFR Enterprises

Please refer to the Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter NIC that is available for these other operating systems for guidance and instructions. A vast majority of systems shipped today are compliant with these. In it are the following: Release Version Chelsio Communications, Inc. These binaries are shipped pre-installed on the adapter but in case either need an upgrade this chapter describes the procedure.


Please read both sections about choosing the correct binaries for Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter NIC. From DOS This list will expand for other operating systems as more drivers become available that incorporate flash utilities. The flash tools for each of the above three are described in detail further below.

Remember that for a particular adapter, it may not be necessary at all to flash either of the software binaries option ROM or firmware. The sections below on choosing the correct versions will help determine if it s needed and if so, which version to use. The following table describes Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter NIC file to be used during the flash process: Simply re-flash the card with the correct file. Fortunately, for all device drivers that Chelsio supports there is a mechanism in place that automatically updates the firmware on the adapter if it doesn t match the required version needed by the driver. However, when PXE network booting is used there can be an issue for Linux Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter NIC.

There is a straight forward solution for this class of users. For Linux users, the automatic mechanism that updates the firmware on the adapter from the device driver works well when booting from a local drive but not when PXE network booting. To do that one of the flash utility can be used to update the firmware. Once updated, the firmware on the adapter does not need to change.

Then later if Linux is PXE network booted and the firmware required is mismatched, the boot will not succeed. In that case the firmware of the adapter will have to be updated again through one of the flash utilities. Below are a set of tables that relates the firmware version requirement for each of the 21 supported Linux device drivers. There are 8 different versions of firmware that cover Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter NIC. A common set of drivers come from Red Hat and Novell: The following shows firmware for drivers from the Chelsio site: Chelsio Downloadable Drivers Driver Name Firmware Version Required Cxgb3toe cxgb3toe cxgb3toe cxgb3toe cxgb3toe b cxgb3toe a cxgb3toe cxgb3toe cxgb3toe a cxgb3toe The following shows firmware for drivers from kernel.

That process is described in more detail further down in this user s guide.

The following adapters have reached the end of their product life (EOL) and have been replaced by the high performance sixth generation of Unified Wire. The Legacy T3 Adapters Listed Here Are Discontinued CX4 Copper, PCI Express x8, Low Profile, Chelsio S320E-CXA Adapter NIC. Single Port Dual Port Mezzanine Adapters.

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