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PCs also include a high resolution display such as cathode ray tubes or CRTs. In most cases, the CRTs are at least 15 inches or 17 inches or 20 inches in diameter. High resolution flat panel displays are also used with PCs. Many external or peripheral devices can be used with the PCs. Other storage devices include external hard drives, tape drives, and others. Additional devices include communication devices such as a modem, which can be used to link the PC Acer Aspire One 1-131 Intel Serial IO a wide area network of computers such as the Internet.

Furthermore, the PC can include output devices such as a printer and other output means. Moreover, the PC can include special audio output devices such as speakers the like. PCs also have easy to use keyboards, mouse input devices, and the like. The keyboard is generally configured similar to a typewriter format.

Acer Aspire V3-575G Drivers Win 10-64bit

The keyboard also has the length and width for easily inputting information by way of keys to the computer. The mouse also has a sufficient size and shape to easily move a curser on the display from one location to another location.


Although somewhat successful, laptop computers have many limitations. These computing devices have poor display technology.

In fact, these devices often have a smaller flat panel display that has poor viewing characteristics. Additionally, these devices also have poor input devices such as smaller keyboards and the like.

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Furthermore, these devices have limited common platforms to transfer information to and from these devices and other devices such as PCs. Up to now, there has been little common ground between these platforms including the PCs and laptops in terms of upgrading, ease-of-use, cost, performance, and the like. Many differences between these platforms, probably somewhat intentional, have benefited computer manufacturers at the cost of consumers. The user also wastes a significant amount of time transferring software and data between the two types of computers. For example, the user must often couple the portable computer to a local area network i.

Another drawback with the current model of separate portable and desktop computer is that the user has to spend money to buy components and peripherals which are duplicated in at least one of these computers. For example, both the desktop Acer Aspire One 1-131 Intel Serial IO portable computers typically include hard disk drives, floppy drives, CD-ROMs, computer memory, host processors, graphics accelerators, and the Acer Aspire One 1-131 Intel Serial IO. Because program software and supporting programs generally must be installed upon both hard drives in order for the user to operate programs on the road and in the office, hard disk space is often wasted.

One approach to reduce some of these drawbacks has been the use of a docking station with a portable computer. Similar to separate desktop and portable computers, there is no commonality between two desktop computers. To date, most personal computers are constructed with a single motherboard that provides connection for CPU and other components in the computer. Dual CPU systems have been available through Intel's slot 1 architecture. The two CPU's share a common host bus that connects to the rest of the system, e. Adding a CPU cartridge requires no change in operating systems and application software.

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However, dual CPU systems may suffer limited performance improvement if memory or disk drive bandwidth becomes the limiting factor. Also, dual CPU systems have to time-share the processing unit in running multiple applications. CPU performance improvement efficiency also depends on software coding structure. Dual CPU systems provide no hardware redundancy to help fault tolerance.

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook AOC3UH - S/N Lookup

In running multiple applications, memory and disk drive data throughput will become the limiting factor in improving performance with multi-processor systems. The present invention generally relates to computer interfaces. More specifically, the present invention relates to an interface channel that interfaces two computer Acer Aspire One 1-131 Intel Serial IO buses that operate under protocols that are different from that used by the interface channel. Interfaces coupling two independent computer buses are well known in the art. A block diagram of a computer system utilizing such a prior art interface is shown in FIG. The high pin count connectors and contain a sufficiently large number of pins so as to carry PCI bus signals between the two PCI buses without any translation. The interface between these two independent PCI buses additionally includes an optional PCI to PCI bridgelocated in the docking stationto expand the add on capability in docking station The bridge creates a new bus number for devices behind the bridge so that they are not on the same bus number as other devices in the system thus increasing the add on capability Acer Aspire One 1-131 Intel Serial IO the docking station An interface such as that shown in FIG.

However, the interface is limited in a number of ways. Consequently, the interface is subject to the limitations under which PCI buses operate.

One such limitation is the fact that PCI buses are not cable friendly. The cable friendliness of the interface was not a major concern in the prior art.

However, in the context of the Acer Aspire One 1-131 Intel Serial IO system of the present invention, which is described in the present inventor's William W. Furthermore, as a result of operating by PCI protocols, the prior art interface includes a very large number of signal channels with a corresponding large number of conductive lines and a similarly large number of pins in the connectors of the interface that are commensurate in number with the number of signal lines in the PCI buses which it interfaces.

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