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Pressing this softkey will activate special SIP-dialog allowing the user to enter the desired feature number to be activated on the IP Office call server.


The following Feature Keys are supported: This indicator typically has three states: ON phone is in useOFF phone is not in useflashing phone is ringing. It is useful for a user to know the call state of other phones so that he or she knows if a call can be successfully made to a phone.


This feature allows a user to press the indicator if the indicator is off, to make a call to the phone associated with the indicator or pick up a call placed to some BLF line by pressing flashing indicator. Pressing line key when the monitored line is in ringing state will initiate Call Pick Up. In other states a regular call to the monitored line is initiated. In order to provide BLF support in IP Office environments, the configuration file Avaya 1230 IP Phone SIP to the phone must contain the following lines: Acceptable values are integers in the range [1…12].

Default value is The parameter accepts integer value from the range [1…10]. The following types of the directories are supported: Currently, the contents will vary according to the online state of SCN nodes.

Avaya 1230 IP Deskphone - VoIP phone

Directories are limited to entries. Downloaded entries will be listed in the local Address Book and mixed with local user entries in alphabetical order. Personal directory entries may be added via the phone menu. Assignments are made via the Avaya 1230 IP Phone SIP configuration file. Once assigned, feature keys cannot be changed manually via the menus. The key configuration is downloaded to the phone using the standard upgrade mechanism.

The key configuration file is specified in the configuration file using the following entry: The key configuration file contains special section s for describing configuration for the programmable keys. Section has the following format: The following modes are now supported: A user initiates the update process via menu: The special upgrading dialog appears and the set prompts user Avaya 1230 IP Phone SIP confirm the upgrade action.

Avaya 1100-series IP phones

Administrators are now able to schedule updates via the system configuration file. For this purpose the following parameters are supported: This Avaya 1230 IP Phone SIP provides a mechanism that enables the IP Office server to remotely force the IP Deskphone to check for new firmware and configuration files. If you hang up before the connection is established, the IP Deskphone goes back to the initial state. Power on the phone Wait for message "Nortel Networks" or Avaya if you have a new phone manufactured after the acquisition of NES by Avaya While the message is presented on the display, quickly press each the four softkeys below the LCD screen, in sequence from left to right. This operation is known as 'swiping' a phone. If you see the Avaya 1230 IP Phone SIP "Locating server", you weren't fast enough. Power off or reboot the phone - see below and try again.

Alternatively, if you have an 11xx or 12xx series phone and the phone is operational, quickly press the Services button twice and select the third option Network Configuration.

Avaya IP Deskphone - VoIP phone Overview - CNET

To configure your phone for the use with a UCx Server, configure the phone in the following way:Welcome. Your Avaya IP Deskphone brings voice and data to your desktop. using Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) after the software is upgraded to a.

Short-cut and navigation function keys for the IP. Deskphone duplicates the function of the phone and the Select soft key. Telephone feature keys. Volume.

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