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It fails to create an Install. That's not of much use though, because using it, the uninstaller just deletes a directory with a few internet shortcuts and removes the uninstall entry. If you want to remove the driver, you could remove it from the Driver Store using pnputil ATI RemoteWonder, but that's neither necessary nor recommended.

ATI Remote Wonder Remote Control -

That file contains the same version of X10 drivers, but it also creates a bunch of HID devices in Device Manager that are difficult to get rid of. The installer also fails to create Install. Finally, ATI RemoteWonder may want to customize some things. There's a site with various plugins for the Remote ATI RemoteWonder software.

Do that via the key settings in mythfrontend. If it is not installed, install it with. Plug in the USB receiver back in 5. ATI RemoteWonder in "lsmod grep -i ati". The output should look something like this:.

Copy the contents of the example lircd. Run "irw" and press any button on your remote.

If the mappings are correct, you should see output for each button you press. I have done this a few times.


When using irrecord and naming the buttons, be sure to use the same naming schemes as those in the "begin codes" section of the lircrc file see example below. The example lirc. It is very important that the "button" names in the lircrc match those specified in the lirc. ATI RemoteWonder yast to setup the ATI RemoteWonder daemon to start at boot time:.


Start up mythfrontend as mythtv assuming that is your account and the remote should be working. Also, if you have a videocard capable of TV input like the Radeon series of videocards from ATI or another brand, you can ATI RemoteWonder advantage of the cable tv viewing with their TV software which is simple and really easy to use. I never thought I would like to watch TV while working, but I find it more enjoyable sometimes than music.

ATI Remote Wonder Plus

Do you have TV-out and are viewing movies in another room? Are you sick of getting up and constantly walking back and forth to your room to pause the movie or change programs. This is a great product and ATI RemoteWonder use it everyday.

You will find that it incorporates itself into your computing life and will make you more efficient in the workplace. Interested in this stuff? Please write to: Got a Video CD you would like to view, well, it's included also. Looks great. Has a lot of buttons. Love the fact that you can control almost everything with your computer with the remote. Its awesome how you can program the buttons on the remote to run different applications. Installed seemlessly with included cd. Buy it, its an awesome deal and great product. Overall, a good device, with easy setup. I got this device instead of others because I own multiple ATI RemoteWonder products. Useful if you need to set some hotkeys. Not super perfect but it works.

Is best if your close range. Took me an hour or so to realize this. If the average joe didnt no this they would of gave up.

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There is no software included for it. I guess have to wait for someone else to make a plugin for it.

How lame ATI RemoteWonder that. I think they charge extra if you want this also. I dont see any free download on ATI RemoteWonder website. I've only own this for 1 day, Even though this is my 1st PC remote im happy with the purchase.


1. ATI REMOTE WONDER™ Installation. The ATI REMOTE WONDER ATI RemoteWonder all the functionality of a mouse in all Windows® software applications. If you have an ATI graphics card installed in your system, you will also enjoy additional control over ATI software. 1 Open the battery container on the back of the ATI REMOTE. Personal computer systems may no longer be the large ugly beige boxes they once were, relegated to an unobtrusive spot in the spare bedroom or basement.

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