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It's an Ultrabook-quality pad, squeezed down small enough to make you want to stamp on it.

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You'll probably get used to it, but we found it fiddlier than the Surface's tiny pad as its traditional button layout doesn't suit the space on offer that well. Then there's the tech behind the keyboard module. The Asus Transformer Book Chi T keyboard doesn't hook into ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound screen directly, instead communicating over Bluetooth.

This causes a tiny delay after the pad has been left for a while as it reconnects to the mothership. However, the effect is fairly minor, and seems to have improved since we used the T It does mean you have to separately charge the keyboard, though, and as there's no power connectivity between the two parts it means the keyboard battery can't be used to boost the stamina of the main unit when connected. This annoyed us about the T, and it rears its head in the T again. Pocket-lint Connectivity The ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound effect of the Bluetooth-based ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound style that really gets us holding up our hands and screaming "really? If you want to attach a mouse, an external hard drive or your camera's memory card, you'll need an adaptor. Asus provides one in the box, but it really smears the Asus Transformer Book Chi T's lovely shininess. There's also a microSD card slot on the bottom edge, hidden by the keyboard base when it's attached.

You don't get the benefit of USB charging as a commiseration prize, as it uses a laptop-like cylindrical adapter.


But not all, thankfully. While the trackpad is a bit of a dud for a nearinch laptop, the keyboard is very comfortable.

Action is predictably shallow, but also very crisp and definite. It's approach and feel is similar to that of a MacBook Pro. Both use an Intel Core M processor, the relatively new chipset family designed for battery efficiency and being able to slim everything down to an almost alarming degree.


It's what lets Asus pack-in a "proper" laptop CPU into a laptop only 9mm thick. We say proper, but the Intel Core M is not, and is not meant to be, as powerful as the Intel Core i5 you can get from ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound more traditional laptop at this sort of price. However, you'll only notice the difference significantly if you really push demands at the Transformer Book Chi T ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound has made sure it has the chops elsewhere to provide smooth performance for everyday tasks like browsing, word processing and so on.

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The T Chi has the core specs to match its price, which is pretty high compared with most non-Microsoft hybrids. The ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound is also far faster than the solid state memory you'll generally get in real entry-level hybrids. While not mind-bendingly fast by SSD standards, it's not too bad for what is a non-performance computer.

Pocket-lint Battery Life There's something missing, though. So much that it's a totally fanless design which means silence no matter how hard you push it. However, its battery life tells a different story. We've been using the Asus Transformer Book Chi T as our main computer and have found that it doesn't get your through a full day's work without a recharge. With screen brightness at a reasonably generous level you're not going to get much more than 5. That's pretty poor for something that seems to otherwise revolve around, and make sacrifices for, portability. Battery life in the T Chi is, therefore, most perplexing indeed. And one of the performance issues that holds this model back from greater things. Display However, looking at the screen specs and there's a clear indication as to why the battery is depleting so rapidly. Let's now complain too loudly, though, it's a very sharp screen for a laptop, and looks great.

Although when ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound as a tablet you may start to notice it's not quite as sharp as an iPad Air 2 or something with similarly high pixel density. The screen is also very vibrant indeed, with the sort of glossy, glassy finish we see on virtually every other tablet display. It's a punchy attention-grabber, that's for sure. Pocket-lint However, it has a few problems.

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First, at certain ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound levels it can seem oversaturated, lacking some of the natural look you get from plenty of rivals. So the question is: ASUS Transformer book is a notebook that can be used as a tablet with only a few handles. Hardware in tablet and keyboard dock unit connects via Bluetooth. The display has a size of If you choose to use Windows 10, you can upgrade to Windows 10 free right after you turn on the tablet. You can also move an upgrade to a later time. Until mid, you can still switch to the new Microsoft operating system.

Flash memory is still around 95 GB free.

ASUS T300CHIA ICE Sound Utility for Windows 8.1 64-bit

The connection to the tablet is via Bluetooth. Benchmark shows that the transformer is good for the Office, to surf, or to see pictures or videos.


Free Download ASUS TCHIA ICE Sound Utility for Windows bit (Sound Card). ICE Audio Wizard (ICE Sound) - Introduction.

Introduction of ICE Audio Wizard. ICE Audio Wizard is intelligent audio enhancement software for  Missing: TCHIA.

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