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The overall design is pretty nice looking, in my opinion.

It certainly Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT like a gaming laptop, with all the vents, colors and logos. But even though things may look the same, there are some subtle improvements that Aorus has made over the previous design. Starting on the top though, is the same cover as before.

X7 DT v6 Laptop - GIGABYTE Global

The lid is made mostly of a black aluminum-magnesium alloy. I say mostly because the lip is made of plastic, likely where the Wifi antenna are located. Centered on the lid is a backlit Aorus logo, which is kind of ugly in my opinion. This is because there Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT some very large vents that are built around the hinge, which are obviously necessary to cool the internal components. In fact, this unit is about an inch narrower and actually fits into my backpack eBags Professional Slim. Lifting the lid with one finger is possible on this unit.

AORUS X7 V8 Core i7 GTX 1080 Gaming Laptop Deal

The hinge is strong enough to keep the lid in place when moving from one place to another, but there is still a little wobble — likely because of the Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT of the screen. The lid itself is thick enough and actually pretty well built.

Like the x5 MD, I think the bezel is actually made of metal on this one, which is a welcome change from the typical plastic. Centered at the top Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT the webcam, ambient light sensor and microphone array. Pad printed at the bottom is an Aorus logo. One last thing to note on the lid are the rubber feet at both the top and sides of the lid.

This gives plenty of cushion for when you close the lid, eliminating scratches. But it comes at a minor cost because of the slight gap at the lip of the machine.

Underneath that screen is a metallic palm rest area, with the keyboard and an ugly trackpad, with a giant orange Aorus logo on it. Unlike last year, where the Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT was a separate component, the palm rest and keyboard are a single piece. This is a good thing, but instead of a pseudo-unibody design like on the v6, the edges are actually fused with a plastic border.

X7 DT v8 Laptop - GIGABYTE Global

I ended up getting another unit and there was no gap on this one. Above the keyboard area are some vents. On both sides of the power button are some Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT strips of passive vents. Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT more vents, the better, but those vents do collect dust and need a good wipe down every few days. Starting on the left are tree USB 3. By the way, that headphone jack has a Hifi Sabre audio DAC, making your headphone sound quality sound phenomenal. The back of the laptop even has some connectivity as well. A single USB 3. I really appreciate this for a couple reasons.

First with the power cord being in a neutral position as opposed to the left side, or worse, the right Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT. Also that back USB is ideal for a mouse dongle. The front edge of the laptop is pretty uneventful, with the exception of the indicator lights, which are white in color. Bluetooth, Wifi, HDD, battery and power lights are included. They look like vents at first, but the openings on the corners are actually the speaker grilles. Behind the grilles are a pair of tiny speakers on each side.


Aorus says there are only two but there are definitely four. The bottom cover is made of metal and looks really sharp.

AORUS X7 DT v8 (i7-8850H, GTX 1080, Full HD) Laptop Review

There are some solid looking rubber feet in key spots. There are also some passive and active vents, as well as two openings for the subwoofers. The bottom cover is held on by a number of torx screws all around the perimeter. I was a little worried about not having one in the center anywhere, mainly because I thought Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT would flex.


Fortunately, it feels very strong without one. Yes, the logos are ugly, but they can be covered up pretty easily. The only other complain I have is the occasional creak I hear when moving it around. That pretty much comes with the territory when blending plastic and Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT in such a thin chassis.

The way I see it, the pros outweigh the cons. This is a great example of how to Gigabyte Aorus X7 DT strength, thinness, looks and ventilation. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX GDDR5X 8GB7th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 Overclocked ProcessorIsland-Style AORUS RGB Fusion Keyboard: Per-Key RGB. New AORUS X7DT is featured by overclockable Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA All these are found in the X7 DT v8 which houses two 1TB M.2 PCIe SSD and.

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