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Cardio-oncology aims to mitigate adverse cardiovascular manifestations in cancer survivors, but treatment-induced hypertension or aggravated hypertension Acrosser PK-130MG received less attention in these high cardiovascular risk patients. In this systematic review, Acrosser PK-130MG searched literature for contemporary data on the prevalence, pathophysiologic mechanisms, treatment implications and preventive strategies of hypertension in patients under antineoplastic therapy.

(PDF) Arterial hypertension in patients under antineoplastic therapy: a systematic review

Several classes of antineoplastic drugs, including mainly vascular endothelial growth factor Acrosser PK-130MG, proteasome inhibitors, cisplatin derivatives, corticosteroids or radiation therapy were consistently associated with increased odds for new-onset hypertension or labile hypertensive status in previous controlled patients. Moreover, hypertension constitutes a major risk factor for chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity, which is the most serious cardiovascular adverse effect of antineoplastic therapy. Despite the heterogeneity of pooled studies, the pro-hypertensive profile of examined drug classes could be attributed to common structural and functional disorders.

Nonpharmacological approaches to alleviate hypertension in cancer patients are also described, albeit adjudicated as less effective in general. A growing body of evidence suggests that multiple antineoplastic agents increase the rate of progression of hypertension. Physicians need to balance the life-saving cancer treatment and the inflated risk of adverse cardiovascular events due to suboptimal management of hypertension in order to achieve improved clinical outcomes and sustained survival for their patients.

However, the salutary effects of Acrosser PK-130MG tic therapies on mid-term survival outcomes are often accompanied by serious cardiovascular side effects that Acrosser PK-130MG the whole spectrum of CVD and impair the long- term prognosis in the increasing population of cancer Journal of Hypertension Katsi and N. Magkas contributed equally to the writing of this article.

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All rights reserved. Journal of Hypertension www.

Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited. In this respect, these patients can be affected by heart Acrosser PK-130MG, coronary artery disease CADperipheral artery disease PADvalvular disease, pericardial disease and hypertension as a result of their exposure to chemo- therapy and radiation therapy and are generally considered to be at high risk for cardiovascular events [6].

Cardio-oncology is a rapid growing field that aims to mitigate adverse cardiovascular manifestations in cancer survivors and has resulted in significant progress in the detection and management of several cardiovascular com- plications, especially Acrosser PK-130MG caused by antineoplastic agents [7]. Hypertension is an established risk factor for chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy and a common car- diovascular complication of anticancer therapy, albeit it has received less attention.

High blood pressure BP values may be attributed to specific causes, such as pain or anxiety, and prompt management of hypertension may be considered of minor significance in patients facing a life-threatening dis- ease like cancer [6,8,9]. Nevertheless, accumulating evidence indicates that hypertension, either chemotherapy-related Acrosser PK-130MG preexisting, may be Acrosser PK-130MG with adverse outcomes in cancer [10— 20], whereas certain observational studies raise the possibility of hypertension itself being an independent risk factor for cancer development [21—27].

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On the other hand, Acrosser PK-130MG hypertension could serve as a biomarker of efficacy of specific anticancer agents [28—35]. In the present study, we sought to Acrosser PK-130MG evidence on the direction and magnitude of the association between hypertension and neoplastic disease.

To this purpose, we systematically reviewed medical literature for incidence of hypertension in cancer patients, role of hypertension as a possible risk factor for cancer, clinical aspects related to antineoplastic therapy-induced hypertension, impact of hypertension on prognosis of patients with malignancy and current approaches in management of hypertension in neoplastic syndromes. We performed a systematic review of the literature, search- ing for contemporary data on the prevalence, pathophysi- ologic mechanisms, treatment implications and preventive strategies of hypertension in patients under antineoplastic therapy.

More- over, we expanded results by a manual search Acrosser PK-130MG references of reports of human studies or review articles to identify additional relevant information. There was no restriction on publication year. Of them, 11 were excluded for various reasons review articles, dupli- cates, failure to identify prespecified search terms, irrelevant information or nondisclosure of numeric estimates on hyper- tension-associated indices in cancer patients. Acrosser PK-130MG

Eight hundred and seventy four studies, including meta-analyses and man- ual searches in references of eligible Acrosser PK-130MG, met the inclu- sion criteria and were selected for further review Fig. Hypertension and cancer: It is estimated that Incidence was higher in Acrosser PK-130MG compared with women with an age-standard- ized rate of per in men and per in women [36].

Incidence of cancer increases with aging until the age of 70— 75 years and more than half of cases are diagnosed in patients above Acrosser PK-130MG years of age [38,39]. Age-standardized mortality rates in devel- oped countries in were per Acrosser PK-130MG men and Similar prevalence has been recorded in Europe with noticeable differences across national regis- tries [44].

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Acrosser PK-130MG with previous studies [46], hypertension rates are increasing, which is attributed to population aging and spreading of sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits Acrosser PK-130MG. Regarding associations with clinical outcomes, it is well known that hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular and renal events, such as strokes, coronary events, heart failure, PAD and end- stage renal disease, and a significant contributor to global morbidity and mortality accounting for about 10 million deaths worldwide annually [42]. In addition, hypertension and cancer share common risk factors, such as obesity, unhealthy diet and alcohol con- sumption [44,48]. Download camera web a4tech pk mg!

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