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However, the Garmin Communicator Plugin does come in useful in the case of loading Geocaches onto the device although I would probably avoid using it otherwise for fear of ACER WinMobile NMEA issues.

Acer DX900

With a few changes to the recording method distance based, or time based, and thresholdit is possible ACER WinMobile NMEA get a better track recording. Exporting the track log is quite simple. The inclusion of these extra widgets improves the usability of the unit. The base map, however, is extremely sparse.

As a result, beginners may find it a bit unnerving and question the usefulness of the device. In Sydney, for example, Sydney and Blacktown are marked, however no other suburbs in-between come up.

It is possible and I am doing it to author GPX files with your nearest suburbs set as waypoints so that they do come up on the display. The backlit monochrome LCD has a fairly low resolution, however, remains very readable in the sun due to the transflective nature. The customization of the unit is good, with the ability to customize your pages for quick access as well as customize the splash ACER WinMobile NMEA boot text to identify the owner or display a particular message. The big improvement comes when its time to connect it to a PC and download tracks, or to upload caches.

PROBLEM WITH ACER N35 AND TOMTOM 6 [Acer n35 GPS Pocket PC - 117495]

It is a little slow, and when the device is starting to get full, sometimes it does not connect on the first try, but on ACER WinMobile NMEA whole, it does make it easier to get things on and off without the need ACER WinMobile NMEA a special data lead. But unfortunately this proves to be one of its key drawbacks as well, as it no longer allows for NMEA data strings to be passed to the PC.


As a result, it cannot be used as a good receiver for a computer. This is very disappointing to me. Non-premium users also cannot download GPX files for copying, and must go through the Garmin Communicator Plugin to do the loading which is a little slower but achieves the same effect. The GPS chipset is generally quick to lock, especially if used within the past few days. The unit provides an estimate of error, ranging from about 50m down ACER WinMobile NMEA 3m, although this is to be taken with a grain of salt. In most difficult situations, the unit did retain a lock however, the accuracy did significantly degrade.

It has not exceeded m of error in my experience, but it did get quite close in several instances.

It depicts two rides of the Sydney Trains network near Burwood station — the first time going toward the city, the line deviates from the actual track by about 80m! The return route sees the result sitting right on top of the track or the adjacent track within about m which is much more typical. Riding in a train with a GPS unit is a fairly difficult situation for a ACER WinMobile NMEA due to ACER WinMobile NMEA and multipath, however, many units I have tried tend not to report this level of error or lose lock entirely when this level of error is encountered.

It seems to be a common thing with high-sensitivity GPS chipsets — they appear to be more likely to report single-instances of spurious positions, and they are often displaying locks with significant position errors. Another GPS chipset I did test did report a lock with one data point about 1. In clear sky, the accuracy is extremely good. No software interefered with ACER WinMobile NMEA other software Antivirus programs will interfere with each other if multiple Antivirus programs are installed.


Set System Hibernate to Never. Turn Off Drives after 3 minutes. File Explorer Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types, ACER WinMobile NMEA full filenames to be displayed. They are more accurate, easier to see, and operate with a softer touch. Many touchscreens today are still the old style, but the better touchscreens are coming. We look forward to Tablets running Windows 8 with "Multi-touch" touchscreens.

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