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Players can win in several ways, including conquering enemy civilizations, accumulating wealth by trading and diplomacy, building and defending wonders of the world, or protecting a king or queen.

Urban Assault combines action game play and real-time strategy elements against a foreboding post-apocalyptic backdrop. Players are simultaneously the generals and the front-line soldiers sounds confusing! Gamers simultaneously command and deploy their entire army from an overhead transparent map while controlling, from the cockpit, 15 types of combat vehicles - from airplanes, helicopters and satellites to jeeps and tanks. Close Combat 3 and Inertia working title are scheduled for release in CC3 puts players in command of the Eastern Front - the largest land war in modern history, spanning from the invasion of the Soviet Union to the fall of Berlin. Inertia is a vehicular shooter that lets gamers custom-design a combat vehicle. For online product information, visit http: The site features a development journal, a listing of game features, AIMS Lab GrabIT 2 and profiles of some of the 50 mercenaries in the game.

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The title, a mix of strategy, role-playing, and gun-blazing tactics, puts players in command of a team of mercenaries whose goal is to free a small country from the rule of a ruthless dictator. The Web site announcement comes just as Jagged Alliance 2 officially enters alpha. The game is scheduled for an October 1 release. System Shock 2 is AIMS Lab GrabIT 2 3D science fiction role-playing game for the PC.

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The title will reportedly match the role-playing depth of the original while incorporating advanced 3D graphics technologies and artificial intelligence based on the Looking Glass Dark engine. More information about EA can be found on the Internet at http: The game is currently in open beta testing. Players can join the free beta by going to the Zone and proceeding to the UltraCorps link in the Strategy Games section. Microsoft also previewed two additional premium online-only titles for the Zone, plus a Fighter Ace online multiplayer game upgrade, at E3 last week in Atlanta. UltraCorps, developed by VR-1 Inc. Players command one of 14 alien races, develop new technologies and weapons, dispatch fleets to colonize other planets, and manage resources to maintain their growing empires. AIMS Lab GrabIT 2

Social interaction is a key component of the game as players form alliances, draw up treaties or taunt their enemies. Asheron's Call online multiplayer fantasy role-playing game, scheduled to arrive on the Zone in earlydraws together thousands of players within a dynamic, 3D online world. Players can create truly unique characters, with varied combinations of visual appearance, attributes and skill sets. The setting for the game AIMS Lab GrabIT 2 a bymile island, where players compete against or cooperate with thousands of other real players.


A system of allegiance and influence enhances social interaction. The story line in Asheron's Call evolves AIMS Lab GrabIT 2 over time based on the decisions and actions of the Asheron's Call community. The game is being developed by Turbine Entertainment Software. The 3D adventure game picks up where the literary work ends.

A new character, Eric Blair, returns to his homeland to discover a changed world dominated by the Thought Police. Gamers navigate 10 square blocks of Orwell's retro-futuristic world, following clues, solving puzzles and interacting with 3D characters while trying to disable and destroy intrusive tele-screens and spy cameras.

For more information, send mailto: To view a list of rest of the winners, go directly to http: The board is intended to serve as an open forum for developers to help steer the direction for the current Motion Factory technologies as well as future products AIMS Lab GrabIT 2 will answer far-reaching development wishes. Participants include: Visit http: For more than two years, Welch has maintained a AIMS Lab GrabIT 2 site that lists and analyzes advertising networks, brokers, and "affiliate" or "partner" programs http: In April, Welch hosted a small meeting where a dozen California Web publishers discussed their experiences with online advertising.

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The first day will cover "Web Advertising Basics. The second day will be a "brainstorming session," in which Web publishers discuss their experiences with existing advertising and "partner" programs, and exchange ideas.


Attendees will be required to provide information in advance about their Web site and advertising experience, AIMS Lab GrabIT 2 be included in the written program materials. The two-day event will take place at the Monarch Hotel in Dublin, California. Early registration discounts are available.

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Attendance will be limited to a maximum of Web publishers. (AIMS Lab GrabIT II is an affordable, fun and easy to use, external device AIMS Lab GrabIT 2 plugs directly to the PC's parallel port and connects to your. AIMS Lab's GrabIT is a video frame grabber that plugs into your with the unit is Andover's PhotoMorph II image manipulation software.

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