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Can You Whip Coffee Without Sugar. So if you drink three cups of milk a day, you’ll be getting as much sugar as if you drank a can of pop! Coffee creamer is made from many ingredients that can be aerated, you just have to have the right tools.

Dalgona Whipped Coffee Without the Coffee Recipe in 2020
Dalgona Whipped Coffee Without the Coffee Recipe in 2020 from

I can try just whipping water and coffee in the morning. Once you've got all your ingredients, you're ready to whip up your dalgona coffee by mixing all three ingredients together with a whisk, blender, or a milk frother until stiff peaks form. Dalgona coffee, or “creamy coffee” has gone viral as a favorite quarantine drink!

You need to make sure you use hot or boiling water, cold water won’t produce the same results.

Remove the bowl from the freezer. Add the sugar/sweetener along with the coffee powder (at the beginning) and an additional teaspoon of water to make sure that it all blends together. You can make this without sugar, but it won’t stay as frothy for as long. Also try this dole whip recipe.